Our distribution options use our own network and those of our partners to ensure we fulfill your requirements across the UK.  All vans have GPS satellite tracking, monitoring vans movements 24/7.  We also use Wintec distributor Trackers which track distributors up to indivdual address.



Team Solus Distribution - No other leaflets, Just 100% focus, 100% impact.


The delivery of a single promotional item on its own, Solus Distribution is the most effective way of getting your message to your target audience. With a maximum coverage area of 21 million households, you will have total control over your target market and the timing of the distribution. Using Solus Distribution ensures maximum doormat impact and gives you complete campaign flexibility.


CWT utilizes a combination of cutting-edge technology, experienced planners, carefully recruited delivery teams, and diligent back-checking, guarantee successful and cost effective campaigns.


Team Shared Distribution - Shared with up 2 non conflicting items


CWT's Team shareplan allows you to share the cost of your distribution with other advertisers. Shared with a maximum of two other non-conflicting items, CWT's shareplan is a highly affordable and effective way to reach your target market. Bespoke distribution solutions designed by experienced planners meet your needs, from national/regional campaigns, to tactical localised drive-time promotions. We can guarantee that your message has been delivered in the way you wanted.


Newshare - Item delivered alongside the local free newspaper network


A lower-cost alternative to Team Distribution is our Newshare service.


This service enables you to reach your target via the free newspaper network, with coverage to 15 million households. Distribution will typically be completed within the three-day period when most free publications are delivered. It is an extremely cost-effective method of achieving local, regional or national coverage.


Postcode sector level targeting is readily available making Newshare an ideal vehicle for demographic targeting of your message.